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The Benefits of Aligning Your Natural Gifts with Your Job

Do you love your job or you among the 85% of employees worldwide who have admitted to hating their jobs according to a Gallup poll that was released in 2017? According to this same study, 51% of America’s full-time employees say they don’t feel any connection to their jobs, and as a result, tend to deliver the bare minimum.

According to Coach Michele Ellis-Williams, well-known entrepreneur and co-founder of Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC, organizations with lots of miserable and discontented employees pay the price in terms of poor customer service, low productivity, absenteeism, internal theft, high turnover, you name it!

So, what can be done to combat this collective malaise on our jobs?

“A lot of things I would say, including identifying our natural gifts and finding work or careers that align with those gifts,” says the Atlanta-based business coach. “This I state as a person who, through my business coaching and consulting career, has interacted with thousands of employees from all walks of life.”

“When I talk of natural gifts, I’m referring to the God-given talents we all have. A talent can be described as any of the following: a gift, ability, a power, a knack, a touch, a capability, or an endowment, among many other descriptions. The bottom-line here is that a talent enables us to do particular things exceptionally well and with very little or no effort,” continues the Coach.

So, are you stuck with a business or job you loathe? If yes, does the job or business align with your God-given gift/talent?

According to Coach Michele, anyone stuck with a job or career they hate or loathe probably has other interests not related to their current line of work. “Show me a person who loathes his/her work and I’ll show you someone whose job or career is not in line with his/her God-given gifts or talent,” explains the Coach. “Doing a job you hate forces you to be someone you are not, and that‘s why people are miserable at work. After all, doesn’t forcing yourself to be someone you truly aren’t equal to “faking it”?  And as we all know, “faking it” demands an extra amount of work, which can be extremely draining.”

“On the other hand, doing something that aligns with your natural endowments really comes easy and has so many advantages,” continues Coach Michele. “To begin with, when your body and brain are doing something they love, they tend to reward you with a feeling of euphoria, which equals happiness. Secondly, when your job comes naturally, it becomes easy for you to provide services or products that are of a higher quality. And that’s not all, as long as you are enjoying your work and keep delivering high quality services/goods, sooner or later, people will start to notice your work and more opportunities will start coming your way.”

“As anyone can see, aligning your business or career with your talents comes with many pleasant benefits. But of course, in order to reap these benefits, you’d first have to know what your gifts are. That’s why I always insist so much on knowing the natural capabilities of my coaching and consulting clients – there is more wisdom in that than many people will ever realize,” concludes the Coach.

If you’d like to learn how you can capitalize on your natural gifts and gain monetary benefits out of them, or you need help identifying where your talent lies, feel free to talk to Coach Michele through the number provided below.

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