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Below is a list of resources and vendors provided to as a reference to assist you during your start-up and or growth phase. We encourage you to do your due-diligence to ensure they meet your business needs. We may have worked directly with some of them or are an affiliate partner. We have also listed a few articles we have found value in.


Quickbooks: Online software to assist you with the day-day management of your business financials. Click Here

 LegalShield: What if instead of shelling out hefty fees for a few days of legal help, you paid a monthly membership and got a law firm for life? Well, we’re taking legal representation and making some revisions—in the form of accessible, affordable, full-service coverage. Finally, you can live life knowing you have a lawyer in your back pocket who, at the same time, isn’t emptying it. Click Here


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10 Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

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7 Tips for Loving Your Career and Working with Passion

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