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Coach Michele’s HomeCarePreneur Tribe

Whether you’ve owned a home care agency for several years now or you’re just getting started, you will have to deal with the ever-present challenges of the home care industry, from figuring out industry rules and regulations to training your staff, both new and existing. Luckily, the International Group of Home Care Agency Owners is here to help you navigate this fast-paced field.


We are a global community of like-minded individuals with one goal in mind – to help and support each other in building widely successful businesses. Ours is a platform where just about anyone with an interest in the home care industry can hang out and connect with individuals who have already dealt with just about any challenge related to the industry. This is where home care agency owners, and aspiring owners too, gain access to practical and proven insights and various resources they need to build a profitable business, and most notably, a better life for themselves, their loved ones, their clients, and their employees. For aspiring agency owners, we provide resources to help them understand what being in the industry is like, and what it takes to start a successful agency.

Tribe Purpose: To increase professionalism and confidence within the Home Care Industry, one agency owner at a time.

  • Are you a home care agency owner or aspiring to become one who feels alone?

  • ​Do you have challenges as an entrepreneur?

  • ​Maybe you’ve been struggling to build your business or you simply feel overwhelmed and consumed by everything?

  • ​Do you have a support system? 

  • ​Do you have someone you can lean on during hard times? 

  • ​Somewhere you can hang out with like-minded business owners to help guide you in solving your problem?

The Tribe Is For You If You Wish To:

  • Level Up your life and business

  • ​Learn and expand your skillset

  • ​Find someone to hold you accountable

  • ​Stay abreast of industry changes

  • ​Increase your business savvy and confidence

  • ​Have like-minded individuals to share ideas with, solve problems, and develop business growth strategies

  • ​Network and get training by some of the brightest minds the industry has to offer and agency owners who have achieved wildly-unfathomable levels of success

If you are accepted into this tribe, you stand to gain the following:

• Coach Says… – Coach Michele will host live split-screen Rapid Fire Coaching session(s). Selected candidates will join fb live for discussion. 

• Tasty Tips™ – The team will be sprinkling tips throughout the tribe in a SPONTANEOUSLY fashion as only she can do…


• Role-Play Rodeo™ – Coach Michele will randomly select a member(s) who will get to “Saddle Up “ up and role-play their way to clarity. 


• Yay or Nay – As a tribe member you will have the opportunity to Poll your idea within the community. Gain insight before going to market and investing.


• Coach Introduces – You will be introduced to industry experts, tools and resources to assist you along your journey.


• Peer-based accountability – it takes real discipline to succeed in anything, including business. Your fellow group members will hold you accountable to ensure you maintain the discipline you need to attain your goals.


• Camp Fire Discussion –each session will be dedicated to a particular topic as suggested by you and other tribe members.


• Brainstorming – through the platform, you will be able to share and discuss your ideas, dreams, and challenges. You will also be exposed to new ideas which can help improve your agency in one way or another.


• Deep-lasting connections with incredible people – by sharing your dreams, aspirations, and problems with group members, you will feel less lonely and naturally be able to create deep relations with people who share your passion, business goal, etc.


• Tribe Support – whatever difficulty or challenge you may go through in business, be it a legal issue or a difficult client, chances are many of the group members have already gone through the same issue and will always be there to offer the support you need to prevail.


• Better Decision Making – when faced with a difficult decision, you can count on the advice and support of individuals who have gone through the same.

• Tribe Connections – when surrounded by like-minded individuals from all walks of life, you will find it natural to think big and stretch beyond your boundaries. When you feel like you are losing focus, you can count on the group members to remind you why you are in business. Join Below...














1. Must adhere to group rules at all times.

2. No solicitation, coaching and or promotion of services. 

3. Must be business-driven, focused & committed.

4. Must have an active Facebook account.


1st month $27 and only $47 per month after

$27 initial payment then, $47 recurring payment per month to continue access to the HCP Tribe. The monthly payment will be processed to the card on file automatically per month. Cancel at any time through your PayPal account. 

Click to Join

Annual purchase price $450 saving $94 = 

(2) FREE months

Join w/ 2 FREE Months

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