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Home Care is a $90+ Billion Dollar Industry...did you know that? It’s time to put your dreams into action and open your own Home Care Agency! Join Coach Michele, Coach Rob and their team at the next live event.

There’s a growing need for qualified non-skilled care for the elderly and disabled community, and a serious lack of agencies available to provide quality service.

Our event content has a "Holistic" approach when serving the attendees. Coach reaches her people where they are at and where they want to be.

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Home Care Empowerment Conference


I have been thinking about starting a Private Duty Home Care Agency for years. You keep putting it off waiting on the perfect opportunity, etc. I am You are ready to JUMP and then life begin doubting yourself. If this is you, I encourage you to join us LIVE to learn more and meet other like-minded individuals like yourself who were once afraid, scared, and maybe fearful. 

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Our workshops are enriched with "Right Now" content which helps you increase your knowledge, confidence, and implement immediately. The goal is to learn implement and execute. 

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OMG! Vacations are far and between for many entrepreneurs. So we implemented business retreats in our menu of events. These retreats are perfect for aspiring and established business owners. You will have the pleasure of learning, networking, and having fun with individuals who have JUMP and are excited about improving upon their craft while enjoying a getaway. Oh yeah, we all need tax deductions:)

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