Book Coach Michele For Your Speaking Engagement
No one can move a crowd like "The Queen of Home Care" Coach Michele. Her presence, business knowledge, industry knowledge is only matched by her "down-to-earth" realness. She builds rapport with the audience with her transparency, so she can navigate them through the turbulent seas of entrepreneurship. The realization that...failure is not an option floods the crowd like a tidal wave as she connects with your inner subconscious. Fluent in the universal laws she empowers, motivates & educates. The audience hangs on to every word that flows from the lips of their champion. She paid the cost to be the BOSS and now she is sharing her talents and gifts via her public platform. As her YouTube Channel tagline states "Coming to you LIVE from Atlanta"..."Live" being the keyword. Nothing compares to this "Live" wire.
Empower, Motivate & Educate 
  •  Business
  •  Motivational
  •  Life Coaching
  •  Domestic Violence Awareness
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