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Benefits of Starting Your Own Home Care Business Versus Investing In a Franchise

Starting a home care business? Are you torn between starting from scratch and buying a franchise? This is a dilemma that many first-time entrepreneurs face often. Each option has its own benefits, as well as its disadvantages.
Here are the pros of starting your own home care business. Weigh them carefully and see if it’s the option that would favor you best.
Benefits of Starting Your Own Home Care Business Versus Investing In a Franchise
1. No franchise fees
Buying a franchise can be extremely costly because you will need to pay annual royalties and a variety of fees to the franchisor. Some franchisors may even charge you a cool $50,000 just for the name alone.
Starting your business from scratch, on the other hand, will cost less since you will not have these kinds of expenses to consider. You will still need some capital, but nothing close to the exorbitant figures a franchise will require. Many home care business owners started on a shoestring budget and still ended up being successful.
2. No franchise rules and systems to follow
One of the best things about starting your own business is that you will have the freedom to create and follow your own guidelines and procedures. You get to be your own boss and every decision, big and small, can only be made by you.
A franchise comes with a broad range of guidelines and procedures you must follow. In other words, with a franchise, you get to follow someone else’s rules, not your own. Yes, you will have the freedom to control your business in terms of values and culture, who to hire and fire, but you must adhere strictly to the operating system of the franchisor.
3. You get to execute your own ideas
Are you the creative type? If so, starting your home care business from scratch will give you the satisfaction of seeing your own idea, not someone else’s, coming to life. By buying a franchise, you will be buying someone else’s idea.
4. Freedom to expand as you wish
Franchisors often put restrictions on expansion to prevent their brands from competing with each other within a particular geographical distance. That means if you choose a franchise, you may not be allowed to expand or operate a second branch within a given geographic distance of your original business. Your potential for growth may, therefore, remain limited unlike with your own business where you will be free to open as many branches as your growth can allow.
5. Freedom to advertise as you wish
In some cases, a franchisor will lay ground rules on how, when, and where you should place your advertisements. In some cases, they will simply place advertisements and send you the bill. Some franchisors will even prohibit you from advertising in certain publications.
But with your own business, you are the boss. You get to call the shots on everything including how, when, and where to advertise your business.
Another benefit you should consider as we come to a close is the possibility of becoming a franchisor yourself. With the freedom to expand as you grow, you can eventually become a franchisor and end up reaping all the benefits that come with selling franchises.

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