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Meet Coach Michele

I chose to enter the Home Care industry in 2013 after going through a life-changing event that challenged me to find and pursue my life’s mission. I have always been a firm believer that we are all on this Earth for a reason – that every one of us has a special calling on our lives.


Unfortunately, until then, my life had been so busy to the point where I did not have time to listen to my soul. I have always known that the soul is where the truth about our true selves lies, so I went on a soul searching mission.


I realized I had a soft spot for elderly people. In short, I identified a true love for the elderly and Voilà! Just like that, I had discovered my passion – my life’s mission – Senior Care!!!


I felt that I wanted to offer these individuals the best of me and since most had already expressed a desire to age gracefully in the comfort of their homes, I, together with my husband Robert, decided to fulfill our hearts desires. And that is how Astin Home Care was born.


Fast forward to 2020, Astin Home Care is a thriving agency serving families all over Georgia.


My passion for helping others has led me to assist budding “HomeCarePreneurs”(Home Care Coaching Clients) enter and thrive in the private duty non-medical home care industry. The desire to serve others has elevated me as an international home care consultant with consulting clients across the United States and in 5 other Countries. Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC has become a leading consultancy firm in the private duty home care industry.

My YouTube Channel (Coach Michele) has given me the platform to teach, train, consult and coach individuals on how to successfully start, grow and maintain compliance with their local, State, and Federal Government guidelines.


Michele  Ellis-Williams has inspired so many entrepreneurs, moms, and single women with dreams of success over her many years as a home care start-up coach, CEO, and mother. Building her companies with hard work and determination, she is the epitome of perseverance; never giving up until her goals are met. She is a proud military mother, entrepreneur, author, business coach, and mentor.


She survived domestic abuse, homelessness and raised her children to have the drive to never let circumstances stand in the way of becoming their best self both personally and professionally. With every Business Consultant coaching session, Michele uses her background to relate better with hundreds of women and men. 


If you dream of setting up profitable financial sources for yourself or for your family, then a lot of planning has to be taken. But for most entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs, who have started a small business and are stuck. She has successfully operated multiple franchises and efficiently running businesses of her own from the ground up. The same can be done with your business and in the process, you will grow professionally and personally. Take note that your long-term and steady commitment is important. One small step today is where you start building 6-figure business and Michele will show you how!

Meet Coach Rob

The road to becoming Coach Rob was filled with challenges that formed into life lessons. From being a single dad, homeless and losing it all on multiple occasions, Coach Rob learned the key to breaking the chain of unfortunate events was changing his mindset and elevating his thoughts and expectations. He explains, growth starts internal and reflects out into the external world, meaning the more he elevates his mind, thoughts, and character the better his life becomes.


This skill set soon became instrumental with the consulting firm and gave birth to Coach Rob “The Mindset Guru & Creativity Coach.” The right mindset is essential to fulfillment in life and success in business. Coach Rob has helped hundreds of clients shift their mindset from employee to entrepreneur to CEO and through this process has broken numerous generational curses. The system which Coach Rob teaches has transformed him from a trash man into the co-founder of multi-million-dollar brands.


Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC was founded by the Atlanta based husband and wife team of serial-preneurs Robert L. Williams Jr. & Michele L. Ellis- Williams. They thrive on accomplishing a goal of helping families break generational curses through mindset transformation, knowledge and entrepreneurship. The consulting firm is comprised of an award-winning stellar team of coaches and staff members who are committed to serving others in the form of training in the field of business development, leadership and career transitioning.


Its team of experts provide professional consulting, mentoring and leadership services in the field of home care. MLEC, LLC also provides group coaching and in-person learning forums in the field of private duty non-medical home care startup.

Robert’s primary responsibilities as COO is to oversee the day-day operations and ensure financial stability for the firm. His true God-given talent is “Branding”. Robert is the “Master Brand Developer” behind the couple’s entrepreneurial ventures.


He is known by friends and clients as the “Go-To” person for understanding how Universal Laws correlate with Biblical Principles. This allows clients to benefit personally and in business while creating success habits.


Robert states he is most proud of helping families internationally change their lives and financial make-up through entrepreneurship. Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC has a focus on the holistic person while training, mentoring, motivating in business and life.

Coach Michele Atlanta Coach
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