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Monetizing Your God-Given Gifts/Talents

According to Atlanta-based business coach and consultant, Michele Ellis-Williams, we all have special gifts or talents that make us who we are.

“As a business coach, consultant, mentor, and entrepreneur who has been working with all sorts of individuals for a long time now, I can say that God has entrusted each one of us with certain gifts and abilities that enable us to do some things outstandingly and without much effort,” says the business coach. “And the good thing about our God-given gifts, abilities, and talents is that they can be monetized by turning them into businesses or integrating them into our careers.”

“Being among the people who have managed to successfully merge their special gifts with their careers and businesses, I know that it is possible to earn a living purely from your natural endowments. And the best thing about doing a job that aligns with your God-given gift is that working hardly feels like work, in fact, it feels like a vacation or hobby because it is something you enjoy doing from the bottom of your heart,” continues the Coach. “Can I also tell you for free that doing a job you love and enjoy gives you a special kind of satisfaction that can never be derived from just having a job or career, no matter how grand or successful it may be? Now you know!”

According to Coach Michele, some of the most successful entrepreneurs we have today actually capitalized on their God-given gifts to become what they are today. Asked to mention someone we all know who successfully earns a living from a God-given talent or gift, the Coach names Bill Gates.

“To mention but a few, we have Bill Gates who claims to have always been passionate about computers long before he created Microsoft. We also have Debbi Fields who used her talent in baking to start a tiny home-based business when she was only 20 years old. With time, the once “tiny” home-based business grew into what we now know as Mrs. Fields Cookies, a business that now boasts of more than 350 locations spread across the United States,” says the Coach. “Walt Disney is also another high-flying figure in the business world who, thanks to his drawing gift, grew to become a pioneer of the animation industry here in the U.S. Among his most recognized works is the cartoon character, Mickey Mouse.”

“These 3 are just a few examples of individuals who took their gifts and turned them into wildly successful business ventures. If anyone out there believes they could be sleeping on a gift they could turn into a job, business, or career, or merge with their current line of work, a business coach or consultant can be a helpful resource at this point. A good coach should be able to hone your gift or gifts, and guide you into making the right entrepreneurial decisions,” concludes Coach Michele.

What about you? What is your God-given gift or talent? Do you believe it’s possible to monetize that talent? To turn it into a wildly successful business or career?

Many of the most successful entrepreneurs we see today swear by having a coach to guide them along the way. If you’d like to learn more about this topic, feel free to talk to Coach Michele through the number given below.  You never know, you could be sitting on something that has the potential to take you far in this life.

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