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4 Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing You Should Know About

Have you ever wondered what Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn could bring to your business?
According to Home Care Coach and business owner, Michele Ellis-Williams, social media marketing is vital to any business.
“Social media marketing should be part and parcel of any business strategy. The best part about it is that there is no cost to the conversation, unlike the traditional market channels such as print ads and yellow pages,” says the Home Care Coach. “While it’s true that social media marketing does cost time and energy, the results can well worth it.”
Here are 3 major benefits of social media according to Mrs. Ellis-Williams:
1. Lowers marketing costs
“It does not take long for most startups to see how expensive traditional marketing approaches like digital ads and prints can be. Those marketing techniques can still be essential for your business, but there is absolutely no reason why you should not take advantage of social media to reduce your marketing budget significantly,” says Mrs. Ellis-Williams. “In addition to saving you money, social media marketing is an effective way to reinforce connections with your clients and to help them spread a positive word about your business to their online circle.”
2. Increases brand recognition
“As a business owner, there is a big chance that you already know just how important visibility is for the success of your business. Social media helps boost the visibility of both your personal brand and that of your business. It offers you a direct way to develop and grow relationships with customers,” continues the Home Care Coach. “These days, customers expect a business to be highly recognizable and accessible online. When they search for a product/service and do not any find information about your business, they are likely going to assume you do not have it. They will move on. If, however, they happen to find your business, it can have a great effect. They can even end up recommending it to other users if they are satisfied.”
3. You can respond to customer comments immediately
“As a business owner, you will find that it is easy to handle the influx of comments from online customers,” says Coach Michele. “This can easily foster connections with users on social media. Users tend to have more appreciation and respect for a business that provides timely responses.”
4. Drives traffic
“As expected, the number one goal of all entrepreneurs is to drive traffic to a site where a transaction can be made. Social media usually leads users to a page where they can make a purchase,” explains Coach Michele. “Experienced social media marketers usually list URLs on their profiles. The purpose of these links is to lead potential customers to their sites The more URLs clicks, the more site visits a business gets.”
“Social media can also boost your search ranking. When you post links to your site on social media, those links can help search engines like YouTube, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook determine whether your site is credible. This will influence your search ranking. “continues the Home Care Coach.
In conclusion, when done the right way, social media can be an effective way to promote a business, whether it is through posting relevant blogs to increase user engagement, boosting posts to expand the audience reach, or posting ads.

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