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4 Easy Ways to Retain Your Non-Medical Home Care Clients

When it comes to the non-medical home care industry, no one can deny the fact that clients have a broad range of choices to choose from when deciding exactly where to spend their hard-earned money. The question is: as a non-medical home care business owner or manager, what are you doing to entice your clients to keep doing business with you?

According to Michele Ellis-Williams, home care business coach, author, and mentor, there are many reasons that can provoke a client to leave, but most leave because they are not happy with the service they have been receiving. As expected, a good number of these clients take the business to the competition.

So, what should home care agencies do to maintain their clients, and most importantly, to encourage these clients to recommend their relatives, friends, and other associates to bring in more business? Here are some exceptional tips from Coach Michele:

Easy Ways to Retain Your Non-Medical Home Care Clients

1. Prioritizing Effective and Exceptional Communication

One of the best ways to retain and improve your home care client base is to prioritize efficient client communication in the agency or business. Regular communication shows that you care about the well-being of your clients and this, in turn, makes it easier for them to be honest with you about issues that may be worrying them.

Practice regular and timely client communication and make sure they understand that you are just a phone call or mouse-click away. Being always available demonstrates that your agency doesn’t take client satisfaction lightly.

2. Seeing Your Clients as Individuals

While it is true that home care clients must be treated in a professional way, seeing them as individuals – not just as paychecks, will go a long way in strengthening your professional bond. Asking them polite questions about their health or children or emailing them informational newsletters from time to time are just a few ways to show them they are much more than a paycheck to your business.

3. Encouraging Clients to Provide Feedback

Client or customer feedback is a crucial part of business as it provides the owners with the insight they need to improve their services and overall client experience. According to Coach Michele, “Client feedback will enable you to determine just how satisfied or unsatisfied your clients are with the services you are delivering,”

“A happy client is a retained client,” continues the Coach.

“If a client starts feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with your services, he or she may start exploring the competition and eventually take the business away from you,”
Encourage your clients to leave feedback whenever they wish through email, telephone, in person, or through your website.

4. Exceeding Client Expectations

Yet another effective way to retain your home care clients is to exceed their expectations. Consider their needs and aim to go above and beyond in a way they will be glad about.

“Finally, for clients who have been with you for a longer period of time, a token of appreciation or an unexpected gift or discount around the holidays can strengthen your professional relationship,” concludes Coach Michele.

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