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3 Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur

What makes a successful entrepreneur? Or rather, what are the traits of a successful businessperson? According to business coach and consultant, Michele Ellis-Williams, there isn’t any ideal trait to a successful entrepreneur.

“What works for Mark Zuckerberg may not necessarily be what works for Lori Greiner, and what works for Richard Branson may not work for you,” says the Atlanta-based business coach who runs her consulting firm, Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC, together with her husband, Coach Robert L. Williams.

“However, there are some traits that have been identified in some of the most successful entrepreneurs we see today. One study, in particular, which was conducted in 2017 by a reputable firm, CPP Inc. to be precise, listed perception and intuition as the top two traits possessed by the most successful entrepreneurs,” continues Coach Michele. “This study, according to me, simply confirmed what I have been teaching my clients and associates for many years now – that success does not necessarily come to the smartest, but to those who see opportunities and grab them without much hesitation or fear.”

  1. Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur – Intuition

According to Coach Michele, intuition can be described as a premonition, a hunch, or a 6th sense.

“I like to describe intuition as a trusted gut feeling that most successful entrepreneurs take full advantage of,” explains the Coach.A prime example of a business guru who has already admitted to relying on intuition to succeed is Bill Gates. IF I THINK SOMETHING’S GOING TO CATCH ON, I TRUST MY OWN INTUITION. These were Bill Gates exact words during a CNN interview that was conducted in 2002.”

“According to me, entrepreneurs who possess this particular personality type are likely to be big-picture thinkers – individuals who see opportunities where others see none,” continues Coach Michele.


  1. Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur – Perception

Who is a perceiver?

“To me, a perceiver is an individual who keeps his/her options open. These individuals have a tendency to be more flexible, impulsive, and possess an extraordinary ability to understand and find their feet in just about any situation. In short, perceivers are risk-takers,” explains the Coach.

“Personally, I can say I am a perceiver, a risk taker, and this is a trait I know has opened many doors for me. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is just one example of the many successful business executives and industrial engineers I believe are perceivers like me.  Cook has already talked of how some of his very best ideas were made impulsively,” says Coach Michele. “According to Cook, one of the best decisions he ever made spur-of-the-moment was to leave an amazing job in 1998 to join Apple, which was just another struggling company at the moment. “THERE ARE TIMES IN OUR LIVES WHEN THE CAREFUL CONSIDERATION OF COST AND BENEFITS JUST DOESN’T SEEM LIKE THE RIGHT WAY TO MAKE A DECISION.” These were Cooks exact words when he spoke of the risky decision.”


  1. Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur – Perseverance

“To be perseverant or persevering means carrying on, keeping on, going on, hammering away, even when there’s little or no sign of success,” explains Coach Michele. “When it comes to entrepreneurship, throwing in the towel in the face of adversity is simply not in the vocabulary of successful people.”

“As a person who has faced many hardships in life, from domestic abuse to homelessness, project delays, talent shortages, cash shortages, you name it, I can confidently state without fear of contradiction that perseverance is something you MUST be willing to practice if you intend to succeed, not only in business, but in just about anything you will ever undertake in life,” concludes the Coach.

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