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Business Coaching – To Hire A Business Coach Or Not To Hire?

To hire a business coach or not to hire?

“I’d say hire,” advises Michele Ellis-Williams, business coach and consultant, and co-founder of Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC.


“Consider this – when someone wants to improve his health and fitness, or to enhance his performance in a particular sport, whom does he hire? A coach of course!” explains the business coach. “Let’s look at it through another angle – when we are experiencing problems in our marriages or relationships, whom do we go to? A relationship coach of course!”

“So, now that you want to excel in business, either as a beginner or someone who has been at it for some time now, what makes you think hiring a business coach would be a waste of time or resources? After all, doesn’t business coaching work the same way sports or relationship coaching works, which is to help one achieve his/her goals?” asks the Coach.

“Whether you are in the process of setting up a business, or you simply want your click here business to move to the next level, a professional business coach can help you achieve your goals in so many ways.  In fact, for lack of better words, having a coach on your side is the same as having a highly experienced employee on your team, only this time, this “highly experienced employee” happens to be a business owner who has spent many years nurturing his/her own business, and has faced the challenges you are currently facing and probably will face in the future,” continues Coach Michele.

Brian Tracy, CEO of Brian Tracy International, seems to agree with the Coach 100%. According to Tracy, many top executives we see today swear by working with business coaches to guide them along. Some of these executives, according to Tracy, are the late Steve Jobs and Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates.

So, who exactly is a business coach?

“A business coach can basically be described as an expert entrepreneur who knows a lot about what it takes to make businesses successful,” replies Coach Michele.

And what can you expect from a good business coach?

“A lot! But basically, a business coach should be able to help you define your goals, polish your vision, and most importantly, develop a series of strategies that will help you to achieve your goals and vision,” explains the Coach.

“But while these professionals can be extremely helpful in guiding you towards your goals, there are some things they won’t do. For example, your coach will not tell you what kind of business to start, or what you should do with your finances. Their job is to guide you; it’s not their responsibility to tell you what to do and what not to do,” continues Coach Michele. “That means for you to benefit from working or consulting with a business coach you, too, must be ready to put in some work. Many entrepreneurs have benefited immensely from working with these professionals and so can you.”

Are you ready for professional support? Do you want to learn more about how a business coach can be of benefit to your business? Feel free to contact Coach Michele via the number provided below.

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