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Awesome Advantages of Cloud Computing for Small Businesses

A lot of businesses nowadays are resorting to cloud computing for all their processing needs. “Clouds have the potential to bring a variety of advantages to any business, big or small,” says Michele Ellis-Williams, Home Care Coach and business owner. “This new technological breakthrough has ushered in a change in the way the Information Technology sector works and is a complete blessing for small businesses.”
Here are some of the top benefits that cloud computing can give businesses according to this highly renowned Home Care Coach who is based in Atlanta, Georgia.
1. Cost reduction
Without doubt, financial matters are a big concern for many businesses out there.
“Cloud computing can help reduce costs in many ways. For example, it replaces the older method of keeping physical records. As a result, it saves the costs that would have otherwise been used to arrange, keep, or update company records.” states Ms. Ellis-Williams, popularly known as Coach Michele in the Home Care circle. “There is also no need to worry about downloading the latest software or buying newer equipment with this kind of technology. This is because cloud computing software is built to update automatically through built-in tools. These updates include security updates.”
2. Flexibility and Accessibility
“Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of clouds lies in their ability to access, change and save files across multiple devices in any location. Traditionally, if a file has been saved on a PC, you can only access that file from that particular PC. However, through cloud computing, businesses can access files from any computer, phone, or tablet provided there is an internet connection,” continues the Home Care Coach. “Businesses can use any device to access emails and other files without the need to buy or install any software.”
3. Increases data security and document control
“Generally speaking, clouds offer more data security and document control than their traditional counterparts. One of the major reasons behind the development of cloud computing technology was data security, and this objective did come to pass,” explains Coach Michele. “This has given business owners peace of mind knowing that their sensitive data is not only highly protected but backed up properly as well.”
4. Disaster recovery
“One of the biggest challenges businesses used to face before the arrival of cloud computing was the loss of data during disasters and other unexpected circumstances. Recovering lost data used to cost a lot in terms of both time and money, “continues Coach Michele. “This is no longer the case with cloud computing. Clouds back up data to a remote cloud-based server. Even if a computer was to fail in some way, any lost files can be restored at any time without any difficulties.”
5. Better collaboration
“Yet another advantage of cloud computing is better collaboration in the workplace. With their ability to save and access data through the cloud, clouds enable workers to work from the same file easily,” explains the Home Care Coach. “This makes for better workplace collaboration. Also, the ability to access and work on files through the cloud makes it easy for business owners to manage and track individual progress on assignments.”
Final Thoughts
“Cloud computing has opened up avenues that were, until today, out of reach for small and mid-size businesses, “concludes the Coach.

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