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It’s time to put your dreams into action and open your own Home Care Agency! There’s a growing need for qualified nursing care for the elderly and disabled community, and a serious lack of agencies available to provide quality service. As a HomeCarePreneur™, you can be your own boss, achieve financial security, and provide a wonderful, much-needed service to your community!

Not sure how to start your own Home Care Agency? Contact us at 888-462-8885 and find out how you can be mentored by the best!

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VIP Hybrid Informational Process

Are you ready to make a change? Are you ready to embark on a successful business opportunity? Apply Now!

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Enjoy the Benefits of Being a VIP Client

Become a Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC VIP and enjoy exclusive benefits!

Online Course Offers 24/7 Guidance

Comprehensive program developed to deliver step-by-step guidance.

Get Support Throughout the Course

Access to continual support via live bi-weekly Q&A call with MLEC Team.

Agency Identity Creation

Create your ideal agency and differentiate yourself from the competition. Develop your secret sauce.

Identify Your Blind Spots and Move Past Them

Avoid the pitfalls affiliated with the learning curve and gain traction faster.

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Our Services

We are proud to offer comprehensive solutions to assist our clients with achieving their goals and growing their businesses.

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Michele Lee Ellis Consulting, LLC is proud to host amazing events, workshops, retreats and our Annual Home Care Empowerment Conference in Atlanta.

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So you are ready to start your business and need access to quality vendors to assist with the start-up and or management of your organization.

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Coach Michele and Coach Rob continuously share tips and tools on how to enhance your mindset. They have found that the clients who achieve their goals, vibrating on a high frequency are participating in mindset enhancement activities.

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Book a 15 VIP Hybrid Informational Call

Talk to our Success Team to find out how we can assist you in succeeding in your home care business venture. Schedule a complimentary call today and take the first step towards the realization of your dreams!

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Power Call

So you have your business, You're serving the community and need some professional consulting to help you overcome some obstacles. Check out our 1 hour Power Call aka as a Clarity Call.

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HomeCareOlogist™(Home-Care-OloGist) Noun

A person in the Home Care industry that specializes in assessing, diagnosing and treating the symptoms of Nurses in business for themselves or want to be. My HomeCareOlogist prescribed an 8-step program to treat my mindset, industry insight and business intelligence, in order to have great success.

HomeCareOlogy (Home-Care-Ology) Noun

The continued study, innovation, and product creation within the home care business.


Check out our comprehensive coaching, consulting and membership services.

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Our professional coaching and mentoring services are in the field of business development, leadership, corporate networking, business training in the field of business development, providing group coaching and in-person learning forums in the field of leadership development.

We focus on the following KEYS to Success:

  • Self-Awareness & Development
  • Business Development
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Public Speaking
  • Organizational Management
  • …and so much more.
Find out how you can develop skills and learn the techniques to succeed in your business.


  • “Coach Michele’s guidance could not have been given by anyone else and has been proven tenfold, worth every dime!”

    Jazmane Jenkins & Khristina Charley Jazmane Jenkins & Khristina Charley, RN CEO/Administrator Atlanta Home Care Service, GA
  • “This course was everything you promised and more. Your program not only increased my knowledge of the industry but this course gave me the confidence and tools I needed to actually “go for it”! I thank God for you and the excellence you model in home care. I thank God most for your willingness to serve others by sharing your expertise with the world. May God immensely bless you and your family. May He continue to bless and prosper the work of your hands.”

    Chanda Parsley Forever Grateful, Chanda Parsley, BS, RDH
  • “Coach Michele is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't mind sharing...”

    Torina Uzzell Torina Uzzell, RN CEO/Administrator Devoted 2 Care, NC
  • "When I got first client I was very excited, nervous and ready to continue this journey..."

    Thea Zeppone Thea Zeppone, BA, CNA CEO/Administrator Zeppone Home Care, GA
  • "This program was just as intense and well thought out (step by step) as my Master’s program at University of Phoenix..."

    Nadine Lollie, RN Nadine Lollie, RN CEO/Administrator Private Suite Home Care Agency LLC, AZ
  • "Coach Michele's guidance could not have been given by anyone else and has been proven ten-fold, worth every dime!!!..."

    Jazmine Jenkins & Khristina Charley, RN CEO/Administrator Atlanta Home Care Service, GA
  • “Oh my goodness, GOD is so good, Coach you blessed me today, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you!!! WOW!! Thanks for sharing your testimony with us, thanks for serving us, thanks for pouring into us, thanks for the pure heart that you have, and most of all thank you for being obedient to GOD when it comes to us. I told GOD , “Lord you have truly favored me!! Thank you, Coach!!”

    Terry Thompson Terry Thompson
  • “There's so much I could say but I will keep it short. Coach Michele is AMAZING!!! I was hesitant in signing up with her services but I couldn't be happier and blessed. Coach Michele is a wealth of knowledge and doesn't mind sharing even before signing up with her. My business just jumped off and I don't think I would be as far as I am in such a short period if it wasn't for Coach Michele!!! Have a Wonderful Day!”

    Torina Uzzell Torina Uzzell, RN BSN
  • “Coach Michele's spirit is the best, she walks you through so much and gives you extra without reason. I just love talking to her about business, Michele is on point about everything. I came to Michele and she was lovely, down to earth, and very understanding. She guided me through lots of bumps I've come across. When I got first client I was very excited, nervous and ready to continue this journey, mostly blessed to know I have the power to gain my passion.”

    Thea Zeppone Thea Zeppone, BA, CNA

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